They called him a “Mastermind”.  Now, Larry Hardiman wants to give that title back.

Larry Hardiman has carried the tainted mantle of a criminal Mastermind for the last 25 years, bestowed on him by three governments. The elaborate international forgery, sales and importation schemes which he pulled off, netted him millions of dollars and, at one point, a lavish lifestyle to match....until he got caught.

Today, he is not proud of those illicit 'accomplishments', but he hopes that those same skills, honed for greed and criminal intent, can take on a high purpose.

The first question I asked Larry, was how he got into this unconventional profession. He casts his dark eyes down and becomes inward and quiet. It's apparent that he has had a lot of time to reflect on his life decisions and is not ready for a confession. His moment of contemplation gives way to a strained smile. He will go about this from another direction, but it's not what I'm expecting.

What he tells me, or begins listing in a dry, matter of fact tone, is his years of experience in the fine arts of forgery, identity theft and an ability to put together an large scale international crime operation. If this was part on any other resume, he would certainly be considered highly self-motivated and entrepreneurial..

Then comes the pause; he'll throw me this crumb. “You know, youth brings a lot energy and ambition, but not necessarily judgment, but once you're far enough down that road, it's damn hard to get off.”

Building a Mastermind

A working class Toronto suburb was the backdrop of Hardiman's youth. The same suburb that brought the world comedians Mike Myers, Eric McCormack and white collar criminal  individuals such as  Garth Drabinsky and Brian Molony's


At nineteen, Larry wanted to escape his insular neighborhood and like many young men, set out to see the world. He alighted from one continent to the next, eager to gain worldliness. It was back on North American, not far from the US/Mexican border, however, that his life took a dark turn.

In the lush, scenic city of San Diego, California, Larry crossed paths with an experienced forger. His new mentor recognized Larry's aptitude and taught him how to create a new passport, a new identity and some very new credit cards.

Emboldened, Hardiman was on a plane again, this time to the bustling city of commerce, Hong Kong, Using his fake credit cards, he bought 3 kilos of gold and then headed to Bangkok, where he discovered another world of opportunity and a good life for a good price. He wanted in and he figured he could play it straight now.

In Bangkok, he sold and installed audio systems for nightclubs. It was lucrative, but eventually he saw a much bigger opportunity in the Philippines.

“I got to the Philippines and found a massive nightclub scene. There were hundreds of clubs clustered around the U.S. military base and they were filled with women. The Americans stationed there were just party animals."



The Philippines felt like the new west to Larry. His childhood was spent in what was the growing area of Scarborough - subdivisions populated by working and middle class families who had work-a-day jobs.

That was not enough for him, however, and the Philippines offered a life Larry wanted. It was in this South East Asian world, that he opened a busand married a woman. Life seemed good and bigger and better than the world of his upbringing.

"In Asia, I lived like a real rich person, in a big house, with servants and more stuff then a person could ever need."


Hardiman had learned the art of the barter; how to get paid in goods that could be sold on at a higher profit than he could have earned providing his services. He provided advertising to companies, they paid him in goods. He sold the goods. Selling products worked out very profitably when you did not need to pay for them. This was the second lesson on his journey to infamous Mastermind status.

The scheme was hatched. His team traveled abroad, buying goods with stolen credit cards and then returned to sell these goods in the Philippines. Selling the goods was the easy part since Larry had already learned those tricks. On one of the biggest trips, he purchased five cardholders cards. These are legitimate card-holders who sell their cards and then reports them lost or stolen within an agreed time period. On that trip to Tokyo, he spent almost a half million dollars in a single week.



Fast forward to 1997 and an American is arrested in Manila. The charge - the theft of twenty-five million dollars from 52 banks worldwide. The American is Raymond Micheal Jackson and is called “The Mastermind” behind a credit card and identification theft ring that operated in five countries.

Pictures of 1997 bust and link to the video

In the police bust, they collect a massive equipment operation used in the manufacture of tens of thousands of fake credit cards that had been distributed world-wide. Jackson, they discovered, had three passports in three different names from three different countries. Not one of the passports was Larry Hardiman.

Larry had now assumed other identities and had created a criminal syndicate that operated internationally. Identity theft, fake credit cards and passports were only part of operation. Life in Bangkok and the Philippines had allowed Larry to rub shoulders with diplomats and criminals. By 1994, Larry was working with a group to move major tonnage of Thai sticks and other contraband. To do this Larry purchased an ocean going tug, equipped to move goods and defend those on board against anyone who would attempt to board her. It worked,until the day he watch it sink, live on CNN, after a head-to-head encounter with the U.S. Coast Guard vessel it had rammed


The Siren Song

Even after a stint in a Philippine prison, Larry could not resist the high life and returned to the credit card game, but with an upgrade in his operation.

Now he was making the cards rather than buying them from legitimate holders. Times were great and the technology he had allowed him to stay ahead of the banks and card issuers.

In short order, he moved from a condo to a 10 bedroom mansion. On a single shopping trip over a weekend, he could net $150,000 in goods and this lifestyle went on for five years.

Country Clubs and lavish parties, expensive cars, servants and the best of everything.

Another Angle

The banks had become more sophisticated, but there was also a new tool for criminals called the internet. Hardiman found his way in to the Dark Web and it felt heaven sent. On the web, he dealt cards and numbers, bought and sold. From 2004 to 2006 he operated a worldwide distribution network selling Cloned credit cards to members of dark web sites in a dozen countries. When the authorities caught up to him, he had one of the most sophisticated card manufacturing operations at the time.This time, the United States Secret Service took an interest in what was happening and after a year of searching, tracked him to his location in Toronto...

“The credit card factories uncovered by the police in Hardiman’s case were large, sophisticated and potentially very dangerous to the economic health  of the community” - Judge Robert Goldstein

The officer in charge of the Canadian team rated his counterfeiting factory in the top 10% of the over one hundred counterfeiting laboratories he had busted.
The United States Secret Service stated that Hardiman’s work was 99% perfect and considered him a threat to national security.
Two years later, Larry was unceremoniously dropped at the US-Canada border after serving two years in the US prison system..

With Age Comes Change

We see a enterprising young man who continues down a path of personal and societal destruction. But he tells me that for the first the time in his life, he is willingly beginning a new path.

There is weariness in his countenance after telling me his story, but there is also an eagerness and almost a lightness that he attributes to his determination to finally change.

I am now beginning a new path, a legal path, for my rehabilitation, to support my family. I have come to realize the enormity of the damage  I   have caused to society as the result of my illegal activities.

I recognize the personal hardships and problems caused to the individuals ultimately affected by these frauds  Over the past 20 years I have acquired many skills. I am aware that my resourcefulness and creative intellect has been misdirected to the pursuit of criminal activities. I decided that a fundamental shift in my  direction was needed to support the change and permit me to engage in a positive and socially rewarding vocation.

" Larry Hardiman. "

Engage the Mastermind

Consulting to Business

Larry’s varied and expansive background in business offers anyone an opportunity to get their own piece of the mastermind.

Larry is looking for unique consultation contracts that can make use of his skills and life learning's

The skills of corporate officer who managed a multi-million dollar enterprise located in five countries including product distribution, financial management and transaction, technology development shipping and business development.

In the advertising services business, he was granted six utility model patents

This business included client acquisition, factory management, build and supply of all materials in-house with over 100 employees.

In these dark corners, computer skills, forensic audits were some of the skills that Larry developed over the years.


  • Document production using
  • Offset press
  • High-resolution laser printing
  • Pad printing
  • Fexicographic printing
  • Hot foil stamping
  • Embossed seal making.
  • Laser engraving, plastic card production through DTC (direct to card) re-transfer card printing or pressure laminate plastic card production.
  • 3D printing, 3D scanning, prototype production, invention and prototype development.
  • Experienced in types of machining processes, milling machine, lathes and other metalworking
  • Knowledgeable in internet computer investigations, “patches, vulnerabilities, exploits and other cyber tools”.phone investigation, voice stress analyzer,
  • lie detection equipment operation, surveillance and counter surveillance.
  • Experience in patent law, holder of six utility model patents
  • All types of outdoor signage.
  • Mould making in fiberglass and in rubber for mass production
  • Sound reinforcement engineer, operated a commercial sound equipment installation business to set up sound systems for nightclubs and entertainment establishments for 5 years.
  • Jewelry production through lost wax and centrifugal casting method
  • Master Mariners certificate ( Panama ) for up to 1000 gross ton marine vessel
  • Experienced property manager
  • Entry level computer investigation through custom software programs
  • Forensic document examiner.   Instructor in counterfeit document detection.
  • Ability to innovate, to think critically, to engage in problem solving, to collaborate, to stay flexible and adaptable and to respond quickly to new challenges.
  • When complete discretion and unique skills are needed that is a bit outside normal thought as they say “thinking outside the box” that is where I fit in.
  • Adobe Photoshop, website design, commercial photography in 35mm, 2 ¼, and large format.
  • Some experience in documentary film production with sound tracks and editing.
  • Attended Brian Tracy creative selling and Guthrie Jensen negotiating successfully seminars, soonaftercompletion increased companies sales by 300%

Larry will also entertain working with entertainment firms to either develop a fictional story based on his life or consult with production that involve a story line that reflects his experience.

His dark life experience will bring authenticity to any production. Mr. Hardiman has additional exploits that can be developed into full story lines.

  • The Universal Chip or How the Chipped Bank card was compromised
  • Tempest Technology Scam, how the top secret computer spy equipment fell into the wrong hands
  • RAT in your computer, how remote access can ruin your life

To learn more about Larry’s story, please contact: or call 226-256-9888

Legal Statement and Declaration

Mr. Hardiman and all parties involved stress that this offering is only seeking projects that for legal business purposes. All contacts made will be vetted to ensure that the information or consultancy will abide with the strictest rule of law. Counsel for Mr. Hardiman will do the initial vetting and participate through to contract signing. The facts of the Mr. Hardiman’s life are verifiable events. This is not meant to be a FULL DISCLOSURE to any interested reader, film producer or publisher who may see possibilities in the  experience or recollections of the writer. Full disclosure will be made as and when needed..